Your Goals * Your Happiness * Your Life.


This experience will invite, challenge, and even seduce you to get to know the core of who you are so that you can craft your life and make decisions based on what will truly make you happy.

Become the author of your best life …

If you could design your life exactly the way you want it to be, what would that look like? what kind of work would you be doing every day? How would your body look & feel? Who would you wake up next to every morning? What kind of impact would you be making in the world?

I invite you to stop just imagining it and to start living it instead, because you absolutely have the potential to do that, and I am here to help you remember that.

Most people go all the way through life, as complete strangers to themselves, never discovering their true desires, their talents, and their virtues or their highest form of contribution. No personal meaning, no sense of their own identity. In order words, they don’t have a clear vision for their lives.

That doesn’t have to be your story. With the Desire Map experience, I guide you step by step as you deeply examine the 5 categories of life that make you who you are. The Desire Map is a lifestyle design system. I offer a 6 weeks experience, where I guide you to discover your core desired feeling in all 5 categories of your life.

We will uncover your deepest desires so you can become the person you want to become, and the life you want to live. We will map out in detail, what you need to do to achieve that life.

In my coaching sessions and workshops, it is all about what you really want out of life. Not what society’s programmed you to want, not what your parents, teachers, preachers told you to want, but what you truly desire deep down.

It starts with the question…How do I really want to feel in all areas of my life? Why is that so important to me? what do I need to do to make it happen? Knowing the answers to these questions is the most potent form of clarity to live your life intentionally. And the answers are different for every person. There is no one size fits all, and I am here to guide you to discover your YOU-ness.

This experience is all about you. Your goals, your happiness, your life. It’s my honor and privilege to facilitate this journey for you. Let’s define what your best possible future looks like and feels like in every area of your life.

Together we shall turn your life into a living masterpiece.

xo Alice


How Can I Help You?

As an official facilitator for Danielle LaPorte’s two flagship programs, and a product of this work, I can guide you to create the life and business of your dreams.

Whether it’s discovering your Core Desired Feelings with The Desire Map to create the life that you really want, or defining success on your own terms with the Fire Starter Sessions to set your business alight, I’ll work with you to make it happen.

Discover your Core Desired Feelings

Create a life you really love

Define Success on your own terms

Build a business you adore

“I do a lot and am successful at what I do. But the workshop helped me recognize that I’ve been stuck in survival mode – the joy in what I was doing wasn’t there. Getting in touch with the feelings that drive what I do takes me beyond survival and into thriving, which makes life so much sweeter.” 

— Tracy Greene
Desire Map Workshop Participant

“The clarity I have now (after the workshop) is amazing. I know how to do things differently from now on, to get to what I want to feel every day.”

— Palomi Sheth 
Desire Map Workshop Participant

“As a life coach (16+ years) and yoga instructor (7+ years), I enjoy witnessing the light go on in other people’s lives. The Desire Map is a tool that anyone can use to steer their lives according to the constellation of their core desired feelings. This work has profoundly impacted me and I’m ecstatic about sharing it with others.”

— Corey Stiles
Desire Map Workshop Participant

“Our workshop was filled with unexpected and unexplainable connections. We were sisters by the end, as we learned from each other’s experiences and drew on each other’s energy. It was a weekend love, healing and moxie.”

— Brandi Buckman 
Desire Map Workshop Participant

I was surprised to find that the tribe of women I met at The Desire Map Workshop helped me to open up and go deep — really deep, really fast. There was no judgement, no suggestion of how to feel. Sharing in that sacred space was powerful.”

— Twyla Dill
Desire Map Workshop Participant

“I’ve been through (and led) many leadership and growth workshops and I can honestly say The Desire Map workshop has been one of the most powerful I’ve experienced. The exercises, the journal time, the clear and encouraging facilitation and the support of the other participants all contributed to a stellar event.

— Pamela Sampel
Desire Map Workshop Participant

“I desire mapped on my own before, but the group experience was radically different. It became a space for us to share, cry, laugh, and most importantly, to expand. And because I was so in it, I’m now bursting with ideas about how my own workshops will look, feel, smell, taste, and sound. I’m honored to have been part of such a life-altering experience.”

— Marcy Cruice
Desire Map Workshop Participant

“Attending the Desire Map Workshop changed everything. I was so filled up when I left… So much gratitude. I can’t say enough about the experience. It was heaven.”

— Shawn Marie Turi
Desire Map Workshop Participant

Be . Create . Love

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