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Meditation + Yoga + Breath Work Instructor

I help you cultivate intimacy with yourself so that you can spill it over to your relationships, health, wealth, purpose, career and love, for empowered living.








Hi, I’m Alice! Based in Berlin, mom of 3, wife, child, software engineer, mediation, yoga + breath work instructor and a heart centred coach.

My Story

I’m all of the above labels and I dislike to put myself in a box. So at the core, I love to say I’m an energy being always unfolding to the adventure called Life 😃.

What interests me most is the connection between the heart space and the head space; how to integrate both to live an integrated joyful and fulfilling life. 

Growing up, I was driven by ambition. I made a promise to my 16 year old self to be successful and I went at it with everything I got. Became quite successful too, at least the definition of success I learned from the culturescape; the education, job, travelled the world, got the husband and kids, living comfortably.

Living comfortably with also with stress and anxiety too 😃. My first thoughts before I opened my eyes in the morning use to be wrapped in survival, worst case scenarios and striving at all cost to meet up with what I use to preserve as success. This caused me to live in a constant state of Fight-n-Flight.

My ambition pushed my forward and I overlooked my body signals to slow down and recalibrate. I fulfilled my 16 year old promise to myself; I got the eduction, the job, travelled and saw the world, the husband, got the kids and at a cost

Anxiety, anxiousness and a feeling of separation, isolation where my steady companion, no matter how much I achieved. This left me with a painful void, no one could take away from me. 

2016 came the crash. I felt burned out, my marriage was on the rocks, I wasn’t the mother I wish I were, my sense of identity was gone, and I lost my job. I knew I had to make massive changes, but I didn’t know how.

Until then, I had flirted with Meditation and Yoga as occasional practices to destress. These were the only tools that gave me a thread to hold on to. Tools that showed me some kind of flicker of light, in my dark nights of the soul. And so I decided to go deeper with them.

2017, I took 1 year off, from the cooperate world, jumped into self exploration, went deep with the Yoga philosophy, became a Yoga instructor and from that point made a U-turn towards self.

These tools have been life saving to say the least and they have helped my find greater ease, happiness, peace, joy, identity and a new sense of belonging in my life and I wish the same for you.

with 💓,


My Values & Beliefs


I live in an abundant universe

Deep Authentic Connection

Transparent, deep and from the heart communication


I live with a strong sense of freedom and unbound spirit


Spending time with my family and loved ones roots me in Joy.

Radiant Health

I radiate vibrant health and vitality, with a healthy diet and lifestyle 

My Approach

We see life based entirely on our perception of it and as our perception changes, our experience of life changes. Until any of us have had the experience of a greater reality about ourselves, we can only come at life’s challenging situations from the perception that we are inadequate, that there is something missing, wrong or broken about us.  

At every moment, we have a choice to change our internal dialogue to align with the truth of who we are and when we do that, we have a direct encounter with a version of ourselves that is indeed perfect, whole, and complete. 

Our suffering as humans isn’t that we are inadequate, wrong, or broken; our problem is. that we believe we are. I’m here to remind you of the truth of who you are; WHOLE. 

Alice Cheambe - Transformation Coach

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