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Hi, I’m Alice

Meditation + Yoga + Breath Work Instructor

tools to move you from fight-or-flight to more ease-n-flow for empowered living.


attune . intent . create

A framework to help you cultivate awareness with your body, align with intention and create a life you love.

The tools I use are based on ancient wisdom and quantum science to help map out a path way for you to forge and live an empowered life.

When you live from this perspective of integration, your life becomes meaningful, and even more than  that, it becomes fulfilling. Your days become fuelled by a powerful sense of purpose and passion. 

Dive in, look around and let me know how I can serve you.

What Is Fight-or-Flight state?

You are in a Fight-or-Flight state when you have disconnected from your Life Force energy. The Life Force energy is the energy that animates your body. The Chinese call it Chi, the yogis call it Prana, others simply call it Energy. In a nutshell, it’s the energy that keeps us alive and keeps all our organs functioning. For example, it keeps the heart beating. We don’t have to think about it. It is an automated process.

Our modern lifestyle is pilled with stress and for some people this causes them to go into a Flight-or-Fight state; danger – adrenalin -stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system – muscle tension, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased breath frequency, sweat secretion, slowing down digestion = readiness for fight or flight. In this state we have an inability to connect with our bodies and our Life Force energy stops flowing in its optimal nature. 

Being in this state constantly can leave us feeling like something is missing, or wrong, or broken about us. We spend all our time and effort trying to compensate for feeling inadequate; stress and dysfunction are byproducts of being in this state. We perceive ourself as separate, alone, isolated and don’t feel safe. Constantly on guard against threats and scanning the external world for all the places where we’re not getting the approval, acceptance and love we need to feel safe.

What Is Ease-n-Flow state?

You are in an Ease-n-Flow state when consciously or unconsciously you are tapped in, tuned in, dialled. in to your Life Force energy allowing that to flow optimally in your life. It’s remembering that you are an energy being and that energy is key to everything.

This is the energy that would give you the ability to go about your day without running out of fuel. It’s about scanning your body and developing a relationship to the energy within your body that fuels you and guides you and gives you the power to navigate life challenges with ease; the parasympathetic system is activated, muscles are relaxed, heartbeat slows down, skin temperature rises, digestion is activated, relaxation assists regeneration.

We automatically begin our journey to experiencing our inherent Wholeness

When we’re in Ease-n-Flow, life flows effortlessly. Opportunities for love and expansion are revealed naturally; we only have to lean in, say yes, and let them unfold. We are powerfully loving and lovingly powerful. We feel our ones with everything and feel separate from nothing. I speak about this peaceful, magical state from direct experience and I’m a recovery addict of the Fight-or-Flight state. My wish is for you to experience inner peace and connection which in itself is so healing to your nervous system. 


The tool to calm the fast pace thought waves (vrittis)  and internal dialogue of the mind (chitta) so you can perceive other layers of your being.


Breath Work

Change your breath, change your life! Breath Work is a tool to reset, restore and rebalance your Life Force energy for optimal flow.


Yoga is a tool of union of the mind or intellect, the body and the spirit. It is a science of living perfected by ancient seers of India.



Is a tool for retrospection, inquiry and revelation; it is yoga of the soul and it grants you access to your intuition for clarity and resolve. 


We are Creators. Question is if we are creating by default or by design. Goal is to create from your intuition which results in being a super Creator.

Purpose & Benefits

The purpose of attune, intent, create is to give you tools to feel and know in your body, mind, and spirit that everything in your life is energy. You will live underneath the level of the mind and it’s stories, in your core and away from drama and pain. 

Perceiving life from this deep and rich vantage point changes the meaning of nearly everything you engage with. As you attune your loving awareness into your body, you’ll be incredibly grounded which enables you to perceive a higher level of consciousness overall, like the tree deepening its roots in order to grow taller.  

1. Energy awareness and how to leverage that

We start working with energy, rather than with the stories of the mind. We are less reactive to life, more connected to our bodies and learn to tap into the intelligence that lives in the body, rather than on external aspects outside of ourselves.

2. Positive feedback Loop

When you can see your own pain and confusion, that is the first step of healing, because most of your pain is invisible because you’ve hidden it behind emotional blocks. 

3. Deep sense of trust

Being connected to your eternal energy source, you are able to embody your true gift to the world without hesitation or doubt, trusting in your innate inner wisdom. The need to fit in or belong diminishes when we see and experience ourselves as made of creative energy and as natural leaders, rather than following the crowd or comparing ourselves to others.

4. Create deep authentic connections

Experience patience and presence that you’ve never known before which causes deep authentic relation with yourself and others 

5. Feel good

 Practicing these tools also just feels good! I’ll be instructing you in breathing  exercises and simple but effective movements and meditations, including some specialised yoga, that will get your energy moving in areas of your body, and your life, where it’s been stuck, causing pain, and keeping you from experiencing your truest version of yourself.

The Journey

It all started as tools I used to manage my stress, anxiety and depression levels. Then it became a practice, a lifestyle. And now it feels like a purpose and I can’t help but share.

Hi, I’m Alice and welcome to my digital space. I’m glad you’re here!

I’m a Software Engineer turned Meditation + Yoga instructor and transformational coach.

I live in Berlin with my  3 kids and my husband.

What interests me most is embodying wisdom to shift from living a confined life based on fear to living as the boundless, whole, creative beings that we are.

This has lead me on a quest through different paths and teachings from quantum physics to sitting in lotus position at an Ashram studying Vedanta philosophy, to communing in healing soul circles.

I’m dedicated to sharing practices that lead to stability, clarity, inner wisdom with an applied ease and flow in our daily lives.

And as a coach, it’s a delight sharing these tools that have brought me personally the most transformation and growth.

You can work with me in a 1-on-1 session, register for upcoming group sessions, or download digital tools I provide or promote for self integration and realisation.


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